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Why Choose Us?

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Quality Advertisers

We only serve ads from high paying quality advertisers to help maximise your revenue.We enable you to reach your consumers with a variety of display ad units, you can run CPM or CPC campaigns.

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Real Time Analytics

We provide you total control of your campaigns. You can check how your ads are performing, impressions & clicks generated also keep an eye on the live statistics of your earnings!

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Payout Terms

Minimum payout is $50 via Paypal. We provide NET-15, NET-30, 45(Preferred), NET-60 payment schedule.You can choose to be paid via Paypal, Check or bank wire transfer.

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High CPM Rate

We provide our publishers with some of the highest eCPM rates with unmatched fill through a wide variety of standard banners and pop-up ads.

About us

Adsnmedia is one place for multiple advertising technologies of Display, Mobile, Video, POP. We offer quality publishers the facility to earn more profits from each and every impression your site supplies! We are using smart advertising platform to help our advertisers to reach their targets most exactly. By joining in our system, great profits for quality publishers will be guaranteed.Time-tested and highly relevant targeting methods such as contextual and semantic advertising as well as Geo and behavioral targeting methods are implemented. The goal is to save time by targeting only the right online markets. We will use these methods tactically and ensure that our advertisers and publishers could focus only on the right prospects and eventually build their online business.

our clients

PulsePoint is a global programmatic advertising technology company redefining digital advertising.
Criteo is a “personalized retargeting company” that works with Internet retailers to serve personalized online display advertisements to consumers that have previously visited the advertiser’s website.
Epom Ad Server is a SaaS ad serving and ad management solution for successful ad network businesses. We provide fully customizable white label software that is built to ensure flexibility across a wide range of channels, formats, and platforms.
The fmxSSP — independent programmatic platform and ad-serving infrastructure, the real-time bidding yield optimization platform.